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20 Years by rufftoon 20 Years by rufftoon
This upcoming July will mark 20 years of working (on and off) in the visual industry: comics, video games and animation.
Yes, I know, doesn't make me any younger.
I've learned a lot (and still continue to) from everyone I've ever worked with. A most heartfelt Thank you to everyone!

Time to reflect and remember.

Warning, long list and description.

All these projects had something that made it fun to work on.
From left to right:

Cousteau (Ocean Tales)- tv- storyboards. Hard to make an educational show, stay scientifically correct, and try and turn it into a story.

Carmen SanDiego (Secret Of The Stolen Drums)- PS2 video games. Various illustrations.

The Egyptian Cat (Miw)- comics- has appeared in various Flight books.

Scaler (the blue lizard character)- video game- various illustrations. There were bumps during productions, plus the competition was harsh from other great games (Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper). Still, very happy to have helped on it.

Wolf (Lea et Gaspard)- tv-layout. Just loved drawing those wacky characters!

Lyle the Lion (Animal Crackers) tv- props and character designs. fun and cartoony project.

Above Lyle and the wolf- Gronckle! (How to Train Your Dragon)-film- storyboards. There's also Toothless a bit more to the right, but the Gronckle was always the one I enjoyed drawing the most. I also prefered drawing all the other kids, Hiccup and Astrid not as much. Go figure.

Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria (Madagascar 3)- film-storyboards. The movie is out in 2012. I've helped a bit on it at the beginning. By then, it will have changed a lot and maybe nothing I did will still be in the film. Doesn't matter, they were all fun to work with.

Samantha, Ripley and Cyril (Ripley's Believe It Or Not)- tv- character designs. We lost a great artist on this production. Sad memories.

Bottom of the image: Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico (Penguins of Madagascar)-tv- storyboards. An offshoot of the Madagascar project, these characters were always the most fun to work with. Great that they got their own show.

Idefix (from Asterix) film and tv- assistant inbetweener. I helped for a month two great animators to finish their scenes (freelance work) and also helped on some commercials that were being made at Pascal Blais at the time.

Po (Kung Fu Panda 2)- film-storyboards. Only helped on it at the very beginning for a few months. I never got enough practice to draw Po as properly as the rest of my colleagues, ha ha! Surprise, about 15 seconds of my work survived the final version.(opening May 26th 2011 in North America)

Zhao (Avatar, The Last Airbender) tv (storyboards) and comics for Nickelodeon Magazine. Avatar had an incredible cast of incredible characters. For some reasons, it's Zhao that caught me. Must be the sideburns.

Maplewhite, Colver, Billy and Giggles ( Adventures in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World)- tv-storyboards. what a fun show that was for me: the only project where I was officially allowed to draw a man butt naked!! Yeesssss!

Little Lulu- tv animation- inbetweening, clean ups and designs.

above Lulu

Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) film- storyboards. To be released in 2012. I can't give any details as not much has been released. Still, just a tiny bit of promotion never hurt, I guess. Based on a series of book by William Joyce that will start coming out this summer. For more infos on the books; [link]
and the movie

Beside Jack-
Horus (comic). Because of day time work, I never get to work on my own personal projects, Horus being one of them. Sorry Horus! I will get back to you one day!

Shego and Drakken (Kim Possible- What's the Switch) video game, various illustration work. Such great characters to work with! Such a short delay to make the game! Augh!

Beast Boy and Starfire (Teen Titans Go)- PS2 video game and one short comic (issue 40 of Teen Titans Go, "Nearly Nabbed Me" written by J.Torres). Another great opportunity to work with great characters, even though I never was part of the animated production. You never know when such opportunity will appear, so really glad it happened.

Mechanic Guy (Triplettes De Belleville) film- assistant animator- inbetweening-cleanups. Only on it for a month before being lured away with the possibility to learn storyboards. Sorry Triplettes! This guy was one of the character I worked on, animated by the talented Hugues Martel.

Mr. Murdstone (David Copperfield) tv- storyboard clean ups. Learned a lot on this production....though I must admit I just can't watch the final result anymore. I got old and sour with age, ha!

There's a few that I've not drawn. Either I have very little memory and no good ref for them, or they never were released.

So there you have it: pretty much all the guys and gals that have lept me busy and entertained all these years.
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